What is SpaceSSL?

SpaceSSL certificates guarantee the security of electronically transmitted data and confirm the reliability of websites. Having SpaceSSL means your clients can appreciate evidence of security offered by a reliable certification authority. It is a cost-efficient and battle-tested solution.


Identity verification of a website or server on the Internet.


Rendering services in compliance with global standards.


Connection encryption and secure transmission of personal data.


256-bit encryption and support for encryption keys up to 4096 bits and more.


The padlock symbol visible in the windows of the most popular web browsers and on the most widespread platforms.

Why SpaceSSL?

SpaceSSL strengthens the security of your current and prospective clients – without being forced to incur enormous costs. Become a trustworthy partner. Thanks to SpaceSSL your clients gain such benefits as safe online shopping, business information confidentiality and encryption of data submitted via registration forms. Bring in more clients by improving the reliability of your website.

Web TrustSM/TM

The WebTrustSM/TM seal is an indication to users that the certification authority holding it complies with applicable requirements in the scope of online security, confidentiality of data processing and security of online communication and commercial operations.

Domain Validation SpaceSSL

SpaceSSL Domain Validation certificates guarantee encryption of data transmission via the certified domain (with or without “WWW”). When the certificate is issued, the domain is subject to validation.

Wildcard SpaceSSL

A certificate used to encrypt connections with the main domain and any number of its subdomains.
For instance:


The SpaceSSL Wildcard is the optimum choice for clients who use various names/services within the same domain to carry out their activity. With this solution there is no need to purchase multiple certificates for each of the subdomains. This type of solution generates lower costs of securing various services and simplifies management – just one certificate instead of many.

MultiDomain SpaceSSL

A certificate used to encrypt connections between many diverse domains. It can simultaneously support e.g. a website, online shop, orFTP mail server. For instance:


The SpaceSSL Multidomain works best for those clients who use various services within various domains. By purchasing the SpaceSSL MultiDomain certificate you will significantly reduce the time and money required to purchase and install certificates for each of the domains you use. One certificate of this type replaces 10 ordinary SSL certificates.

  • Our clients value their security

    “These days, people pay attention to whether a web page or an online shop is secured with a certificate. For this reason I decided to use on my website the SpaceSSL certificate. It didn't cost much, but my clients developed a much stronger trust in it.”

  • The most popular solution among clients

    “SpaceSSL certificates are popular not just because of the attractive price, but because of their quality confirmed by a reliable certification authority. I use them on my websites myself. I recommend them thoroughly.”

  • SpaceSSL is a great offer

    “The sales completion process was indeed blindingly fast, and this affected my choice of the product. I literally didn't have to worry about anything – I even got ready documentation to post on the website of my online shop.”

  • I strongly recommend it

    “When I was planning to expand the products offered by my shop, I spent a lot of time looking for adequate SSL certificates that would both be inexpensive and come from a reliable issuer. SpaceSSL were spot on. I'm very happy with the terms of cooperation and my sales results. You should try it.”